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Fracking: an ecological threat or a promise of jobs?

Fracking is innately a strong hazard for human beings, the environment and for the flora and fauna in adjacent areas, yet it has become a “gold mine” for bolstering up the U.S. economy, still staggering from the effects of the financial crisis set into motion due to speculation by corporate players.

The demand for petroleum products in the United States is an unending upward spiral due to the prevailing life style and consumerism. This is where fracking appeared as a quick medicine to increase gas and oil supply and provide jobs to thousands of workers seeking employment.

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10° Encuentro Nacional de Narrativa y Cuento Corto en Bialet Massé, Córdoba

El 10° Encuentro Nacional de Narrativa, Cuento Corto 2014 se realizará los días 15,16 y 17 de Mayo en Bialet Massé, provincia de Córdoba, Argentina. 

La fecha para la recepción de material es el 18 de abril, 2014. Se publicará una antología con los trabajos enviados, más una breve reseña curricular de cada escritor. 

Los mismos pueden ser enviados por correo postal o por correo electrónico a leanan_hp@hotmail.com(... continúa)

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Barry Kornhauser talks about the use of theater for the marginalized and disabled

Barry Kornhauser’s life and passion is the stage, yet it seemed appropriate to start the interview in a more mundane way, so after shaking hands I said bluntly: “Hello Barry! Nice office you have here…Well, just to get started: who is Barry Kornhauser?”

The answer came accompanied by a wholesome smile. “A guy who likes this joke from Camus’ THE MYTH OF SISYPHUS: “On connait l’histoire du fou qui pechait dans une baignoire; un medicin qui avait ses idees sur les traitements psychiatriques lui demandait: “Si ca mordait” et se vit repondre avec rigueur: “Mais son, imbecile, puisquec’est une baignoire.”
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Artist Loryn Spangler-Jones, a self taught artist concerned with the condition of women


Loryn Spangler-Jones of Lancaster, Pennsylvania lives in a rainbow of female colors. In a chat with Jaquematepress she explained: “I needed to fix me, learn how to make myself happy from the inside out.” That’s what painting is for her, a process that flows from the innermost reaches of the self. Self taught, she came upon art, not as an inheritance, not as the result of academic study; rather it appeared when her creative intuition found a means of expression.

“I started experimenting with paint and color in 1997 as a means of self discovery and liberated self expression,” she points out in a statement on her art. “I quickly learned mixing mediums within my work added both

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Two Script Writing Seminars

Two Script Writing Seminars under the direction of Alfred Hopkins


What?               An adventure for actors, English students and writers

Where?             Aráoz 1666 (entre El Salvador y Honduras)

Who?                Upper intermediate or  superior English skills  No previous experience needed.

When?              March 5th and 12th from 7:30pm to 10pm

How much?     0 for both seminaras or 00 each.

Contacts:       hopalfred@gmail.com


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Acting: an experience that goes beyond reality

    It takes energy, impulse, determination and faith to achieve even what we might consider to be insignificant goals, on stage or in everyday life. What is essential, however, is the process leading up to the realization of those objectives.  Peter Brook put it this way: "Acting begins with a tiny inner movement so slight that it is almost completely invisible." It then grows, turns into energy, energy into impulse, impulse into desire, desire into determination; for achievement to take place we need faith, we need to believe in our actions and in the possibility of success.

      Is that not also what happens in a love relationship? First an inner movement appears. A message emerges in our most innermost self. It manifests itself in the form of excitement, a surge of energy causes our heart to beat faster, an impulse brin

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"Los Manseros" en Luna Park el 14 de diciembre

No es un record pero 53 años de actividad tocando vidalas, zambas, chacareras y otras variedades de música popular es ciertamente un hito. Los Manseros--fundados por Onofre Paz junto a Guillermo "Fatiga" Reynoso, Alfredo "Alito" Toledo y Martín Paz--representan fielmente la música popular argentina y van a poner vida y color a Lunda Park sábado 14 de diciembre. Artistas invitados: Raly Barrionuevo, Jairo, Ballet Salta, Cuti y Roberto Carabajal.

Información y entrdas: http://www.ticketportal.com.ar


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Free Demonstration Class of Theatre in English


We all need to work towards clear objectives. First the group appears. They get to know each other limbering up body, voice and soul. Then the story appears. 

"Dramatic literature requires a responsiveness, not just of mind,but of the whole body," says S.W.Dawson, "so that the whole work realize itself."

At one point it becomes necessary to invite  spectators--that's how actors measure their achievements,that is the objective--to test their achievements in front of an audience.

 Most of the participants in our demonstration class of theatre in English have had little or no previous acting experience. They have joined the workshop to i

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Muestra de Teatro en Inglés


Stage and Camera Workshop announces:

Muestra de Teatro en Inglés

30 de noviembre y 7 de diciembre

A las 16 horas


          ”An Inspector Calls” J.B. Priestley 

             Versión abreviada, narrada, filmada y actuada por el

              elenco de Stage and Camera sobre un inspector que

              investiga la responsabilidad moral de una familia en


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Ley de medios: ¿Qué hacen los monopolios cuando la ley dice que no deben existir?

Buenos Aires, 5 de noviembre, 2013:

La Nación: "Clarín propuso dividir los medios de su grupo en seis empresas."

Clarín: "Ley de medios: Para adecuarse se divide en 6 el grupo Clarín."

Página 12: "El Grupo Clarín finalmente presentó su plan de adecuación voluntaria a la ley de servicios de comunicación audiovisual. Está conformado por 'seis unidades independientes', pero no da detalle de su composición societaria."

Pregunta: ¿Qué es un medio 'independiente' si en realidad está conformada por el dinero y/o personal que anteriormente formaba parte del monopolio?

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