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The War Machine

     So it’s war again. Boom, boom, bang, bang! Again? Can anyone remember when Washington wasn’t in war? Well, there might have been a couple of years, true, but again and again, sometimes with Congress’s “authorization,” sometimes without it: just to begin somewhere, the war against the indigenous population in the United States, the war with Mexico, the war with Spain for Cuba and the Philippines, the buccaneering in Central America, the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Cold War (by the way, has that ended?), the Vietnam War, the tinkering with rightwing military coups in Latin America and the ongoing “war” against Islamic extremists for which Obama wants the approval of Congress.

      These wars, usually d

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Tim Lehman on Chestnut street house concerts in Lancaster

 “House concerts are, by their very structure, listening rooms,” says Tim Lehman of Chestnut House Concerts in Lancaster. “Artists love and appreciate this. Audiences are attentive. They listen. They respect the artists.” Tim, who loves and plays the violin but is not a professional musician, prepares each event with as much attention to details as a chef. In fact, his house concerts feature food and drink which the spectators bring. That provides a wonderful moment for people to sample exquisite dishes and greet each other.

“Audiences are just feet...no....inches away from the performers. There is a chemistry in all this. And it works so very well. During intermission and following the concert, guests are free to visit with our performers at will. But Karen and I especially love the opportunity to prepare dinner and breakfast for our gues

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Wine in the glass


The wine goes into the glass,

Fine gift of the grapes,

Settled there in the good earth.

Refreshed by the sky's kisses.


The warm liquid brings sunlight

Happiness, love, a feeling of unity,

While the clouds reflect the smile

Of the sun hidden behind its swirls.

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La luna


Ella te espera

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What future awats us?

What would Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World”), George Orwell (“1984”) or H.G. Wells (“The Time Machine”) say of today’s world? Who makes the decisions which determine whether there is war or peace, what happens to the environment, what food we eat, what clothes we wear, how we think about persons of other cultures or ethical backgrounds, how we get educated and how we view the world we live in?

Take the case of the United States, self-proclaimed world leader and champion of democracy and the free market. What kind of society is it whose top 1% owns 35.4% of private wealth, whose top 20% grabs nearly 90% of the wealth (According to U.S. sociology prof. G. William Domhoff) and whose bottom 80% barely has 11% of wealth? A society which proudly proclaims an end to the financial crisis set of

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And you want me to pay off my debts...!?

You’re a British school teacher and you wonder how you are going to pay off your debts. Then you read that the government is still paying off the debt stacked up during the financial crash in 1720. You’re erudite. You know that the debt problem causes thousands of children to die every year in poor “underdeveloped” countries. And you know also that the debt—supposedly to “help” those countries develop—is increasing by leaps and bounds as the dollars come streaming back from straggling economies to fill the coffers of banks and financial institutions (which have had a hand in the ongoing financial crisis that makes it so difficult for you to get to the end of the month.)

Economics is not your favorite dish, yet you know that the world lives on indebtedness, some thriving on it, some struggling with

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Verse on the verge of eternity


About my death only the sun knows
I lie here embedded in the past

About my future only the stars know
I lie here alone and in wait

Now I sing my silent song of love
She is my rock, my foundation

Why lament the past, my love?
We are the living present.

My song is everlasting, full
Rock of my life: you are my wish, my will.

The winds may blow the planets may vanish
All is change; all is movement.

Here I remain eternally enthralled
Held in your arms, free and part of all.

My words are embedded in stone, mineralized
What can I say my love, but this:
Love is life's feeder, an eternal turn and return.

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Heidi Hove, a Danish artist in San Telmo: "There is always something that surprises you..."


      San Telmo is full of pleasant surprises. One of them is an art studio at 1008 Defensa Street, where a young Danish artist, Heidi Hove, is working on a cartoon about a girl who sails away... Denmark seems to be a mysterious faraway place for most porteños, but Heidi is very enthusiastic about her visit here.  

--What brought you to Argentina?

--I am on a residency which I heard about through some other Danish artists who told me they were very impressed by the city. So I thought it would be interesting to go to a place so different from Denmark and northern Europe. Walking around the streets of Buenos Aires I have discovered a city quite at odds with what I know.

--True.You can see more people walking the

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Rainbow love


Seated here on my dusty distant  thoughtful milkyway,

   your face evokes dazzling shredded past yawns.

Stretching here in the lazy unconcerned twilight of forgotten lore,

   I conjure up the quivering-quavering lights of our shadowy past.


In far-away peace I betake the wine of erupted mental fires,

    seated as I am on my dusty distant universal shore.

My drunken Lambic consciousness weaves its hermetic path

    along the time-worn fathomlessness of each everlasting moment.


I send rainbow messengers in search of your soul.


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"The Merchant of Venice" at the British Arts Centre in Buenos Aires

Since Biblical times moneylending has been a source of profound conflict—and it continues to haunt financial, social and cultural life in most parts of the world. When William Shakespeare wrote “The Merchant of Venice” Christianity objected to charging interest on loans, an attitude that was not shared by the Jewish community. This gave way to numerous confrontations and was also used to flaunt anti-Semitism. Today, as well as in 1596, lending money gives the lender power to impose conditions on the borrower.

In Shakespeare’s play Bassanio, a young Venitian noble, is in love with the beautiful and wealthy Portia of Belmont, but having squandered his estate he needs 3

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