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Love on the rocks, kissed by time, remembered by the wind


About my death only the sun knows

   I lie here embedded in my past.

About my future only the stars know

  I lie here alone and in wait.

Now I sing my silent song of love

   She is my rock, my foundation.

Why lament the past, my love?

   We are the living present.

My song is deep, everlasting, full

   Rock of life: you are my wish, my will.

The winds may blow, the planets vanish

   All is change, all is movement

Here I remain eternally enthralled

   Held in your arms, free and part of all.

My words are embedded in stone, mineralized

   What can I say, my love, but this:

Our love is life, our love is eternal, the turn and the return.

Domingo, 11 de Marzo de 2012 13:43 alfredo #. Cuentos y poesías (stories and poems)

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