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Books from Argentina: a new web page for book lovers

Whether you are from Iceland or England or La Pampa, Argentina, you can now enjoy a web page with abundant information on Argentine literature, science, technology and customs. It is http://booksfromargentina.com and you can browse in English or in Spanish.

When firecrackers were bouncing here and there in the United States of America (July 4th), the Ministry of Economic Development of the City of Buenos Aires, together with the Foundation El Libro, the Argentine Chamber of Books and the Argentine Chamber of Publications launched the portal Books from Argentina.

It is an attractive site where you can check information by author, by title or by publishing house. There is an enormous listing of books on art, literature, stories, poems, science, technology, free time activities, history, culture, education, music, theatre, among others.

True. The page is interested in getting you to buy the books published in Argentina. But it also represents a fast source of reference on literary and scientific activity in the country.


Jueves, 12 de Julio de 2012 17:21 alfredo #. Agenda cultural (Culture)

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