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Two Script Writing Seminars

Two Script Writing Seminars under the direction of Alfred Hopkins


What?               An adventure for actors, English students and writers

Where?             Aráoz 1666 (entre El Salvador y Honduras)

Who?                Upper intermediate or  superior English skills  No previous experience needed.

When?              March 5th and 12th from 7:30pm to 10pm

How much?     0 for both seminaras or 00 each.

Contacts:       hopalfred@gmail.com



4342 3588 / 1562521028 




Each student should come prepared to describe a character or characters. We will use role play technique to enhance them. Then we will work on the problems or conflicts that they must resolve. The scripts may include monologues or short-short plays with no more than two or three characters. During the first encounter we will provide information on how to go about script writing, style, images, actions and action sequence and how to “find” the audience.

The second seminar will be dedicated to reading and analyzing the plays or monologues created by the participants. We recommend that you participate in both seminars. You may participate separately in either seminar, however if you decide to take part only in the second you must bring at least a rough draft of an idea you are working on.


Alfred Hopkins 


Mr. Hopkins is journalist, writer and actor. He is a graduate of the University of California and former teacher of diction and theatre at Lenguas Vivas. Hopkins has frequently prepared workshops and solo performances for schools and English institutes in Argentina. He coaches an acting workshop and often does seminars and workshops at English congresses or for schools, on acting, role-play, writing and creative activities for teachers. He has published books in English and Spanish, including "Tea for Two, a Tale for You."


Contactshopalfred@gmail.com / tallerdeingles@fibertel.com.ar

4342 3588 / 1562521028 / 4863 1146

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