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Theatre workshop begins in San Telmo (Buenos Aires)

       On your mark, get set go! The Hopkins theatre workshop opens its activities this year on July 12 at an enchanting gallery in the heart of the colonial district of Buenos Aires. Want to embellish your language, explore your creative self, exercise voice, body, memory, soul and get into the skin of a character that fascinates you? If you are over 15 years of age and have at least an intermediate command of English this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. If you are an actor or have acting experience, great! If not, no problem. We learn by doing at the workshop and everyone learns from everyone else!
          Whether or not there is a world cup soccer game, we will meet Saturday the 12th at 5pm. The address: Balcarce 1053, room 10. That´s just a hop, skip and jump from the historia Dorrego Plaza in San Telmo. Walk up the steps of a beautiful old gallery, zigzag to the left and hurrah you are there! Oh, if you are hungry or thirsty there is a beautiful restaurant kittycorner from the rehearsal room.
     This year we will be working on monologues, short stories or experiences, so if you know any bring them along. We have included some in this blog. The material we work on will be polished up every Saturday and worked into a year-end show. So each participant can work on his or her pieces at home, on the street, on the subway, while preparing supper or chatting with that loved one, and also at the workshop! We want you to first find your own voice and then explore how your character speaks. For that reason we will be working on breathing techniques and verbal fluency. We also want you to explore the expressive possibilities of your own bodies so that you can apply that to the characters in your monologues and stories.
       As we get to know each other there will be a process of meshing during which the creativity of your companions will stimulate you and vice versa. That in turn will lead to a magical and goodhearted exchange that will produce surprising and unexpected results. Who knows? Maybe the monologues and stories will turn into a drama or a comedy of errors! Some of mankinds most magnificent discoveries have come about on the heels of bloopers!
         During the first encounter we will get to know each other and discuss details including the monthly fee, dress (casual), work teams and the like. See you Saturday! Oh, if you can't make it on the 12th, come on the 19th. The first class is always free.

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