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Show and Poetry reading with dramatization of "The Raven"


                          The Raven visits the Garth

You are alone, in silence, in darkness, with your fantasies, all is a shambles, and sadness sees no light. A verse enters your memory, images flitter in the dim reflected light of the fireplace. Edgar is there slumped over and mumbling about a strange visitor, an illusion from the past whispers in your ear: “It’s the Raven, it has returned! Wake up! Oh, is it you my love, Lenore is it you?”

Night of poetry reading and dramatization of “The Raven.” Come read your favorite poem, listen to others read theirs, then grab your seat for Alfred Hopkins’ dramatization of Poe’s memorable verse.  

April 18th 6:30 in the evening at The Garth, 22 South 2nd Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania. Booking: 7176840651. Donation: .00.

  • Bring your own matchless wine or, if you dare, try The Raven’s brew.  Uncorking and glasses available.
Viernes, 03 de Abril de 2015 14:08 alfredo #. Teatro en inglés (Theatre in English)

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