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From the consumer society to the debtor's society


They told me to buy and buy and buy,

so I bought and bought and bought;

they invited me charmingly to go in debt,

so I stacked up a real juicy debt.


Oh what fun it is to buy, I thought,

it’s like an ecstasy, an early morning orgasm,

it grows and grows and grows in passion,

abides when the pocket goes dry.


Welcome to the consumer society!

this is democracy, this is freedom,

Free markets, free choice, they said.

I believed them and kept buying.


When they went bankrupt they exclaimed:

"keep buying to protect the markets!"

So I bought a house, a car, a computer

and obediently piled up a fickle elephant’s debt.


Sorry, they said, we’ve got to tighten the belt.

so they sent me to the street to look for work.

so they sliced my poor old man’s retirement,

so they sent my dear son’s teacher a-begging.


Oh what fun it was to buy and buy and buy!

long live the consumer society I shouted!

woe is me! one day I woke up to the debtor’s society

and yelped: "why must I pay their debts, why, why?"

Lunes, 04 de Junio de 2012 21:24 alfredo #. Cuentos y poesías (stories and poems)

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gravatar.comAutor: Louise Imm-Cooper

really like this and the verse on language (even tho' I had to translate)....this one expresses where we are in this country....even tho' some of us keep walking away from it....

Fecha: 07/06/2012 02:16.

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