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The World's biggest daiquiri celebrates the 113th anniversay of the death of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway used to sip delicious daiquiris at a restaurant in La Habana, Cuba, called Floridita. Well, 113 years after the U.S. writer’s birth some expert bar hands have prepared the largest Daiquiri cocktail in the world, breaking the Guinness record. Who knows? Perhaps Hemingway thought up the plot of "The Old Man and the Sea" on a muggy summer afternoon while tasting his favorite drink at the Floridita! “This has been the dream of all the workers here to celebrate the 113th anniversary of Hemingway,” said Andrés Arencibia Mohar, director of the Floridita, according to a recent article in Gramma.

Thirty bartenders, using 12 huge blenders prepared 275 liters and 1,466 cocktails in just 33 minutes. They used 88 bottles of Havana Club rum (3 year añejo Blanco), along with the rest of the ingredients: lime juice, white sugar, maraschino and ice frappe.

The gigantic goblet created by artist Lázaro Navarrete was made of fibreglass, polyester and glass resin.

Hemingway, however, seemed to have his own recipe: double rum, no sugar, half of the juice of a lime, drops of grapefruit juice and a teaspoon of maraschino.

The Floridita bar-restaurant, currently managed by the Palmares enterprise, opened its doors for the first time in 1817. In 1953, Esquire magazine acknowledged it as one of the seven most famous bars in the world, specializing in cocktails and seafood cuisine and i

n 1992 it won the Best Five Star Diamond Award given by the American Academy of Gastronomic Science as the King of Daiquiris and the most representative restaurant specializing in seafood.

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