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Free Demonstration Classes of Theatre in English and Acting before cameras


The Hopkins Creative language Lab has announced two free demonstration classes of theatre in English Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th in Buenos Aires City, designed for persons with or without acting experience, students and teachers of English and the general public.

The event on April 6th will be held at 12:30pm at the Faro theatre in Buenos Aires City, 2151 Moreno street 2-B. Those who would like to do so are invited to come prepared to present brief monologues, stories or humoristic pieces, although guests may choose to only participate in the drills and drama games or simply watch the class. There will be drills on breathing, use of voice, body expression, drama games and improvisations.

Acting before cameras  The second free demo class will be on the following Saturday, the 13th, at 4pm, at the Taller Sol, Mendoza 2444, near Cabildo avenue.

The idea of the workshops, led by a coach native of Los Angeles, California,  is to accumulate acting and creative skills as an essential tool for sharpening diction, fluency and command of English.

This year the workshop will prepare a show for English schools and likewise work on the possibility of creating TV type programs for posting on the web.

For further information, those interested may call 4342 3588 or write hopalfred@gmail.com

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