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The Färo theatre announces a workshop on acting out songs


Summer is a time for learning in a more relaxed environment. Bearing that in mind the Färo theatre is organizing a workshop every other Saturday, starting Jan. 12th, acting out songs. The only requirement is an intermediate to advanced command of English.

"Participants are asked to bring in their favourite song," explained the California born coach of the event. "After working on voice and body expression, games, role-play and improvisations will be organized for the songs worked on during each encounter. The activity is aimed at enhancing vocal and physical expression but likewise uses acting technique to develop concentration, self confidence, projection, use of space and characterization."

The workshops will be held on January 12th and 26th and February 9th and 23rd, from 4 to 8pm. at the Färo theatre, 2151 Moreno street 2-B, Buenos Aires City. Participants can participate in as many workshops as their schedule permits, because each activity will be complete in and of itself and the 5 peso fee for each class will be charged during each encounter.

Those persons who would like more information on the workshops are asked to write hopalfred@gmail.com or to call 4342 3588.


Miércoles, 02 de Enero de 2013 17:53 alfredo #. Teatro en inglés (Theatre in English)

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