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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Febrero de 2014.

Two Script Writing Seminars

Two Script Writing Seminars under the direction of Alfred Hopkins


What?               An adventure for actors, English students and writers

Where?             Aráoz 1666 (entre El Salvador y Honduras)

Who?                Upper intermediate or  superior English skills  No previous experience needed.

When?              March 5th and 12th from 7:30pm to 10pm

How much?     0 for both seminaras or 00 each.

Contacts:       hopalfred@gmail.com


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Artist Loryn Spangler-Jones, a self taught artist concerned with the condition of women


Loryn Spangler-Jones of Lancaster, Pennsylvania lives in a rainbow of female colors. In a chat with Jaquematepress she explained: “I needed to fix me, learn how to make myself happy from the inside out.” That’s what painting is for her, a process that flows from the innermost reaches of the self. Self taught, she came upon art, not as an inheritance, not as the result of academic study; rather it appeared when her creative intuition found a means of expression.

“I started experimenting with paint and color in 1997 as a means of self discovery and liberated self expression,” she points out in a statement on her art. “I quickly learned mixing mediums within my work added both

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Barry Kornhauser talks about the use of theater for the marginalized and disabled

Barry Kornhauser’s life and passion is the stage, yet it seemed appropriate to start the interview in a more mundane way, so after shaking hands I said bluntly: “Hello Barry! Nice office you have here…Well, just to get started: who is Barry Kornhauser?”

The answer came accompanied by a wholesome smile. “A guy who likes this joke from Camus’ THE MYTH OF SISYPHUS: “On connait l’histoire du fou qui pechait dans une baignoire; un medicin qui avait ses idees sur les traitements psychiatriques lui demandait: “Si ca mordait” et se vit repondre avec rigueur: “Mais son, imbecile, puisquec’est une baignoire.”
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Lunes, 24 de Febrero de 2014 22:53 alfredo #. Teatro en inglés (Theatre in English) No hay comentarios. Comentar.

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