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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Octubre de 2014.

Rainbow love


Seated here on my dusty distant  thoughtful milkyway,

   your face evokes dazzling shredded past yawns.

Stretching here in the lazy unconcerned twilight of forgotten lore,

   I conjure up the quivering-quavering lights of our shadowy past.


In far-away peace I betake the wine of erupted mental fires,

    seated as I am on my dusty distant universal shore.

My drunken Lambic consciousness weaves its hermetic path

    along the time-worn fathomlessness of each everlasting moment.


I send rainbow messengers in search of your soul.


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Heidi Hove, a Danish artist in San Telmo: "There is always something that surprises you..."


      San Telmo is full of pleasant surprises. One of them is an art studio at 1008 Defensa Street, where a young Danish artist, Heidi Hove, is working on a cartoon about a girl who sails away... Denmark seems to be a mysterious faraway place for most porteños, but Heidi is very enthusiastic about her visit here.  

--What brought you to Argentina?

--I am on a residency which I heard about through some other Danish artists who told me they were very impressed by the city. So I thought it would be interesting to go to a place so different from Denmark and northern Europe. Walking around the streets of Buenos Aires I have discovered a city quite at odds with what I know.

--True.You can see more people walking the

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