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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Abril de 2015.

Show and Poetry reading with dramatization of "The Raven"


                          The Raven visits the Garth

You are alone, in silence, in darkness, with your fantasies, all is a shambles, and sadness sees no light. A verse enters your memory, images flitter in the dim reflected light of the fireplace. Edgar is there slumped over and mumbling about a strange visitor, an illusion from the past whispers in your ear: “It’s the Raven, it has returned! Wake up! Oh, is it you my love, Lenore is it you?”

Night of poetry reading and dramatization of “The Raven.” Come read your favorite poem, listen to others read theirs, then grab your seat for Alfred Hopkins’ dramatization of Poe’s me

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Viernes, 03 de Abril de 2015 14:08 alfredo #. Teatro en inglés (Theatre in English) No hay comentarios. Comentar.

The Blankets Whispered, a verse


The blankets whispered touched and free

   Lovers hands travelling rivers, mountains, centuries

  Rested, and roved, and sought and caressed

          While the sun played drunkenly on the edges of the moon.

Their words resounded on the starched sheets as beckoning swallows

     And the world went its way, and conventions went their way and

  Silence pervaded the sheets where the lover’s moist palms clasped and moved and spoke of joy.  &nbs

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Jueves, 09 de Abril de 2015 15:13 alfredo #. Cuentos y poesías (stories and poems) No hay comentarios. Comentar.

Rick Kearns, poet laureate of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“By the time I was nine I had written a few poems and I realized that I would be writing poetry for the rest of my life,” says Rick Kearns, aka Rick Kearns-Morales, the poet laureate of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Also freelance writer and musician, his first love was music: “I came to love music by the time I was five or six years old.” Not long after that “I started noticing that some words and phrases were musical, that I enjoyed their sounds.”
Of Puerto Rican and European background and named Poet Laureate of the City of Harrisburg in 2014, he has fused his concern with music and writing with an intense concern for social issues.
--Were you surprised when you woke up to discover that you had been named Poet Laureate?
--Thanks, an
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Jueves, 16 de Abril de 2015 01:45 alfredo #. Revista (Magazine) No hay comentarios. Comentar.

"The Raven," dramatization of E.A. Poe's poem


You decide to work on the Edgar Allen Poe’s captivating and dark image-rich poem, “The Raven.” Shadowy impressions of that ebony bird posed upon the bust of Pallus had haunted your thoughts for decades but it was only recently that you imagined dramatizing it. Then when you find yourself tapping your feet to the rythym of a jazz musician’s trumpet at The Garth Gallery in Columbia, Pennsylvania, the idea bursts into your consciousness.

             So you read the poem. How in Hell can you work this into a theatrical presentation? Theater involves a special kind of communication with spectators: the script is the guide, but the breath and the voice in all of their variations bring life to

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Sábado, 25 de Abril de 2015 00:14 alfredo #. Teatro en inglés (Theatre in English) No hay comentarios. Comentar.

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