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Edgar A. Poe´s "The Raven" and a theater workshop in August


        There is something strongly theatrical in Edgar A. Poe´s "The Raven," about a man sitting alone late at night "...while I ponered weak and weary over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..." Poe´s "theory of composition" stresses the mood, the image, the effect that the author wants to create. Likewise, the actor must deal with the same elements. The mood conditions the body of the actor. Images are essential to bring to life what is expressed in the script. Suppose you are the man in Poe´s poem. You have to "see" him slumped over his books, "hear" the raven say "nevermore." 
        This year the theater workshop will begin with a performance of Poe´s dramatic poem--Sunday, August 9th at

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